Why didn’t Raj Rajaratnam take a plea bargain?

A great piece by Suketu Mehta in this week’s Newsweek.  A couple of exclusive interviews really offer insight into Raj Rajaratnam the man, and particularly how his South Asian background and milieu have shaped him. I’ve often wondered, while watching this case, why Rajaratnam didn’t take a plea bargain. Now I think I understand better.

‘As late as two weeks before the sentencing, Rajaratnam was still being asked by the government to turn on Gupta. But he wouldn’t wear a wire, he says, so he could sleep at night. “Anil Kumar’s son worked at Galleon one summer. I used to vacation with Rajiv Goel’s family. Their families knew my family. You don’t think this is going to haunt these guys? They wanted me to plea-bargain. They want to get Rajat. I am not going to do what people did to me. Rajat has four daughters.”’

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